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It's all about cash...and ways to get it back!
Drop in, make some money, save some cash and maybe learn some stuff!
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Welcome to cashback

Just a bunch of everyday folks who test and share real ways to make money, save money and have a bit of fun along the way.
We built this blog so you can do the same

Show me the money!

Use our tests, trials and experiences (including the fails) to help you…

Make money

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Did you know the internet is full of free ways to boost your income? No…really!

Top up your earnings, pay off your bills or save for something special – we show you how!

Save money

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Budgeting can be boring!

We share practical, easy to follow tips, guaranteed to keep more money in your pocket

Learn stuff

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We learn best by doing, and we’ve done a lot at Cashback!

Get all of our experience in free downloads and resources to set, guide and see your money grow

Real people sharing real experiences

The internet. It’s given us so many ways to make our money go further – some good, some bad, some damn right stupid…

Avoid money making clangers
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We’ll help you shoot for the moon AND spot the elephants in the room!

Do you even social, bro?

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Why are you giving this information away for free?

“Surely there’s catch” I hear you ask.

Nope. Nothing. It’s all free.

We practice what we preach at and have personally made and saved money using the topics we write about.

It could be saving for something special, clearing off bills or just trying to put aside a little extra each month. At some point or another, we’ve all had experiences that we can share.

And if it’s genuinely helpful – a hack, unknown site or tip to make or save some extra cash, we want you to know if it’s worth while.

If it is, you can use our free guides to try it yourself, along with any tips to make the most of it. If it’s not – we’ve just saved you the time and hassle of hitting the same snags we did!

So to keep this site free to use, bills paid and bellies full, some links we use are affiliate links. Not all…but some.

That means if you click through one of these links and join or make a purchase, we may receive a commission for the sale at no extra cost to you.

(It’s the same way that big, trusted sites like Money Saving Expert, Quidco and Topcashback work)

And although we may use affiliate links, all reviews and opinions are our own – brands can’t buy a good review, no matter how much they offer!

So why not come on in and see if cashback can help you. It’s OK, we don’t bite (is more of a friendly slobber like a soppy family dog!)

Let me take a look…