Manage your money with Monzo

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Manage your money with Monzo

Finding a bank account isn’t tough. Do a quick Google search and you’ll have your pick of banks that want your business. But you won’t find Monzo in that mix. In your search you’ll find accounts that give you cashback on purchases, ones with added perks like phone and breakdown insurance, and others that might wooo you with interest free … Read More

Asda Price Guarantee. How it can save you £1000’s on your food shopping

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Asda Price Guarantee

The Asda Price Guarantee…what is it? When I sum up the Asda Price Guarantee to friends, I tell them “it’s how Asda pay me for shopping with them”. “Say what now?” Nope – I’ve not (completely) lost it. The Asda Price Guarantee is a real thing that’s been around forever, but I know soooo many people that don’t use it! … Read More