5 ways to make money for Christmas with no experience needed…

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5 ways to make money for Christmas

It’s the dreaded C word again! And like many people, you’re already looking for ways to make money for Christmas!

It’s a magical time of the year, where friends and family get together, and if you’re not careful, your bank balance can vanish before your very eyes!

So to give you some more financial firepower this year, we have a guest post from Kirsty who blogs over at themoneysavingmum.com. She’s here to share her 5 ways to make money for Christmas…

Mystery Shopping

I LOVE mystery shopping….I mean getting paid AND fully reimbursed to buy food and daily essentials is pretty stinking cool!

I’ve recently been paid £60 for doing a mystery shop style job with one company and another I got paid £50 for an hours work.

With my freezer now well and truly stocked up with potato croquettes (that I too got reimbursed for too I will add!) believe me it was probably the easiest mystery shop I have ever done!

To find out more about mystery shopping – what it involves, 3 of the top, tried and testing mystery shopping companies here in the UK, and how mystery shopping can help you make money for Christmas, head over to our mystery shopping post here

Matched betting

If you’ve looked into ways to make money, you may have already heard about matched betting.

It’s easy to misunderstand, or even disregard completely as full on gambling, but once you understand what it is, and how it works you’ll realise that you aren’t risking any money.

With matched betting, you’re taking advantage of the introductory promotions that bookies offer.

With the right know-how, they make you eligible for free bets….and THIS is where you make profit!

You can check out my matched betting blog post here – it’s not the easiest process to explain if you’re new to it, so take your time, pop on over to my blog post and have a good read!

One thing I will say though it’s very easy to get drawn in.

If you are someone that follows rules and able to quit things pretty quick whilst you’re ahead then brilliant…if you have a teeny tiny bit of “always wanting more”, or even if your easily addicted to things then maybe give it is miss.


I could sooooo do more reselling…100%. I have kids, which means a lot of stuff, so of course I could do more reselling!

Put simply, reselling is cheaply purchasing new or used products, then reselling these same items for more than their cost.

A great way to make money for Christmas is to start with a tidy up at home. You can sell your unused toys, gadgets or clothes on Gumtree, eBay or Facebook to make a few quid.

You’ll get a feel for the pricing and process, as well as cut down on landfill.

If you feel comfortable with that, you can move on to buying low and selling higher – bootfairs, classified ads and in-store clearances are all great places to scoop a bargain!

The little bit of reselling I did do I made a very nice profit, but right now I don’t have the time to take pictures of my own stuff and to upload to the likes of eBay, let alone source new items to sell on.

It can take a bit of time to get into reselling but once you have the hang of it, know what sells and what doesn’t, then you can make some really good money.

If you’re a parent, you might find that our post on how to make money selling toys is a good place to start.

Do what others don’t want to do…

Sounds weird…. but hear me out!

Not everyone likes ironing & not everyone likes to clean their car. So why not ask them if they’d like you to take these small but timely tasks off their hands.

Don’t be scared about asking – they might be a full-time worker, or just someone that doesn’t have time to iron, full stop! Quite often you’ll find they’re thankful for the help!

Other tasks include: general maintenance, gardening or running errands for elderly people that aren’t able to leave the house.

If you’re not sure what tasks you could do to make a bit more money, why not ask yourself what you’re good at, or if there are any things you enjoy doing.

Design, social media, typing, transcription, ironing, gardening….there are so many options out there, with a lot giving you the opportunity to work from home too!!

And if you’re looking to get word out there for your services, flyers don’t cost much, especially on eBay.

You could get some designed and posted through doors, or pop a picture up on Facebook. To get the attention of the older generation try putting some up in local shop windows/sales boards.

If you don’t fancy the idea of asking around for jobs, then these sites offer flexible, part-time work and are well worth checking out…

Switch your current account

Is there a bank that DOESN’T now provide you with a cash incentive to switch your current account to them?!

With soooo many out there, it’s a very quick and simple way of making some extra cash – up to £75 in cash or £185 in vouchers are 2 of the best deals out there at the moment.

And it’s hassle-free too. Instead of going through the pain of switching direct debits, now when you switch, the banks do everything for you…sorted!

There’s a fantastic article over on moneysavingexpert that gives a great rundown on the best switching rewards right now, accounts that have less harsh credit checks and smart ways to get around the accounts with minimum pay-in requirements.

So there’s 5 things you can try to make money for Christmas.

Every little helps as they say, and we could all do with a bit more dosh in our pockets in the run up to the most wonderful (aka expensive!) time of the year! 🙂


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