Asda Price Guarantee. How it can save you £1000’s on your food shopping

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Asda Price Guarantee

The Asda Price Guarantee…what is it?

When I sum up the Asda Price Guarantee to friends, I tell them “it’s how Asda pay me for shopping with them”.

what are you talking about Willis gif

hehe – it’s funny because it’s Bruce Willis…

“Say what now?”

Nope – I’ve not (completely) lost it.

The Asda Price Guarantee is a real thing that’s been around forever, but I know soooo many people that don’t use it! Out of the 5 friends I asked, only 1 had actually heard of it…and he didn’t use it!

Put simply, you get actual money back on your Asda food shop if it isn’t 10% (or more) cheaper than the other big supermarkets – you know – Tesco, Morrisons, Saino’s (say it with an Aussie accent – I challenge you not to call it that for the rest of ever!) and Waitrose.

It’s super quick too – finding out how much Asda will pay you takes a minute at most, after each shop. And it’s actually done for you if you shop online with Asda…it can’t get much easier than that!

OK, no-one does it, so it’s probably not worth it, right?

Whoooaaaa – easy there, moneybags!

Yes your cash back amount will vary depending on what you purchase, how much you spend and any deals on at the time, but I reckon the rewards are well worth it.

The biggest I read about was one person getting £8670 back in 4 weeks, but that really isn’t the norm!

Instead, just doing your regular food purchases should give you £2 – £20 back from each big shop (£80 or so). Which means spending just 1 minute to check each weekly shop could be worth £1040 off your shopping each year!

That’s an hourly rate I’d be pretty happy with!

Which is why I’m so shocked that more people don’t do it. My mission for this post is to spread the word about the Asda Price Guarantee and get people to claw back money from their food bill.

Tell your friends, family and anyone that shops at Asda – there’s a boat load of cash to be saved!

I want in. What’s the dealio…?

(see Sarah – I told you I’d get that in a blog post!)

“The Asda Price Guarantee – If we’re not 10% cheaper than Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, or Waitrose on your comparable grocery shop we’ll give you the difference. Guaranteed! It’s as simple as that!”

– that’s how it’s described on the Asda Price Guarantee checker site. Although you need to know about a few basic rules and conditions for your shop to qualify.

What it actually means is if you buy 8 or more items on an Asda shop (in store or online), and your total shop wasn’t at least 10% cheaper than the other main supermarkets, Asda immediately give you the difference back as a voucher, to spend on your next shop (yaaaaaay – free money!)

Just keep hold of your receipts and I’ll show you how, with these 3 simple steps:

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Step 1 – buy at least 8 stuffs at Asda!

You need a receipt to use the Asda Price Guarantee, which means you need to buy stuff first!

Depending on your outlook, that’s either a royal pain in the arse or a weekly delight. Do it in store or online – both are fine to get an Asda Price Guarantee voucher.

For your shop to be eligible for the Asda Price Guarantee, you have to purchase at least 8 different items, of which at least 1 must be comparable to the competitors (Saino’s, Tesco etc…)

And if you’re anything like me – you’ll have that covered before the end of the first aisle!

Once you’ve finished your shop, be sure to keep your receipt. You’ll need that for step 2…

Side note blue box thing: What counts as ‘comparable’?

This is where Asda can catch you out. It’s a deliberately fuzzy term to give them plenty of wiggle room, but as a general rule:

Comparable = Identical branded products (like Surf washing powder) and equivalent own label grocery products (like own brand surface wipes, for example).

Be careful on the size/volume/weight of the product too. If there’s a difference of more than 10% between Asda and the competitor, they won’t see it as ‘comparable’,

e.g. if you buy a 1.8L bottle of Lenor fabric softener from Asda but Saino’s only sell it in a 2.5L, it won’t be comparable, and so will be ignored from your shop.

Got it? Good!

Step 2 – Check the Asda Price Guarantee website

Within 28 days of your shop, pop over to the Asda Price Guarantee checker by clicking this handy little link:


It’ll take you straight over to the Asda checker site, and should look a lot like this:

Asda Price Guarantee Screenshot

If you don’t already have a free Asda account, you’ll need to set one up here. If you already shop online with Asda, just use those details and you’re in.

Now, with your Asda account and shopping receipt in hand, enter the big old number by the barcode on your receipt.

Hit the ‘compare prices’ button and you’ll automatically see your Asda shop, compared to the other supermarkets.

Asda make it nice and clear to see if they were 10% cheaper or not, as you can see from my shop below:

Asda Price Guarantee results

Any stores that weren’t, have a clear red ‘NOT 10% CHEAPER’ note, along with how much money they’re going to give you back. Which leads me to…

STEP 3 – Print your voucher

This is the glorious bit – where Asda give you money back!

Asda price guarantee voucher

I will add here that you need to print off the voucher AND KEEP YOUR RECEIPT if you shop in store.

Cheap printing tricks blue box:

I didn’t have a printer until recently, so picked up a cheap second hand one from ebay. It had ink, connected via bluetooth (useful to print from my phone) and cost less than £25.

Other ways you can get stuff printed for cheap/free…

  • Ask a friend/relative to borrow theirs,
  • Ask at work – they might let you print the odd page,
  • Try Amazon, Argos, Gumtree or PC World for cheap printer deals

Just take your voucher, receipt and a smug grin on your next shop, and Asda will kindly take the money off your total at the checkout – happy days!

Note – if you shop online, Asda will add the voucher to your account automatically. Just remember to apply it on your next online shop!

And before you head off on your next Asda shop, I’ve put together a quick checklist of the Asda Price Guarantee terms and gotchas to be aware of:

  1. You need to buy at least 8 different items, with at least 1 being comparable to that sold at a competitor supermarket
  2. To stop savvy shoppers taking advantage of offers only at other supermarkets, Asda apply a 10 item limit on each comparison. So if you buy 15 tubes of toothpaste, only 10 will count towards your total.
  3. Likewise, if the item is sold by weight (like loose carrots), they’ll only count up to 10kg.
  4. Reduced WHOOPS! items are excluded from comparison.
  5. Anything other than groceries are excluded from the Asda Price Guarantee comparison – fuel, George clothes, tobacco etc.
  6. You need to claim your money back voucher using the APG checker within 28 days of your original shop.
  7. There’s no limit to how many APG vouchers you can use as many to get money off your shop, so long as they’re within 28 days of your voucher issue date…
  8. BUT – each household can claim a maximum of 10 vouchers per month up to a maximum of £100 in vouchers.

And to get the most value from your weekly shop, that’s earning money for shopping, getting free products and saving money, we’re putting together a best-of post.

It’s a work in progress at the moment, whilst we work out which tips, services and apps give the best return for your time. But keep your eyes peeled – we’ll link to it HERE as soon as it’s ready!

Until then, go…go shop at Asda and put your new found price checking knowledge to good use, and don’t forget to share your voucher amounts with us in the comments below. We love hearing how much you guys have saved…

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