Get new trainers without breaking the bank

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Save 20% to 70% on new trainers with this quick tip

Trainers not as pumped as they used to be?

Are your kicks ready to kick the bucket?

Or maybe you’ve got your eyes on those limited edition Air Jordan’s, but don’t fancy a second mortgage to pay for them?

Nowadays new treads don’t come cheap, but we have a simple trick to help you find them cheaper…a massive 20-70% cheaper than the high street, delivered to your door.

Josh, our resident trotter spotter is here to share his tips for bagging cheap trainers, and how he makes a few quid reselling them on sales sites.

Over to Josh for cheap trainers…

If you don’t want to shell out your pay check on new trainers, we’ve got your back!

I make huge savings on buying trainers using social media. YES using Instagram and Twitter!

They’re brand new, 20-70% cheaper than walking into JD sports, Office, or any store and they’re even delivered to your door!


Step 1

Log into Instagram or Twitter and follow SneakerDealsGB.

Their name says it all really! They bring together the best deals on trainers in the UK, and share them as soon as they’re available and saves you from endless hours of trawling discount sites and voucher codes that never work!

Note – As Instagram doesn’t allow links on posts, I recommend following them on Twitter – it’ll make your life a lot easier!

Just click either of these links to start following SneakerDealsGB:



Step 2

Some deals sell out fast, especially for the latest trainers and popular sizes.

To make sure you don’t miss out on a deal, turn on post notifications!


Go to @Sneakerdealsgb profile.

On Instagram, hit the three dots on the top right hand side of the profile. This will bring up a menu. Just tap ‘turn on post notifications’

Cheap trainer alerts on Instagram when you turn on post notifications

Get immediate Instagram notifications like this

For Twitter, hit the bell Icon on the profile header, tap ‘all tweets’

Get alerts for new trainers by turning on All Tweets on Twitter

Never miss a deal by turning on post notifications

Step 3

You’re all set!

Deals and discounts are updated all the time. Just sit back and wait for those leopard print Adidas NMD’s to pop up!

As soon as they do, snap them up!

Act fast though as sizes are limited.

Bet you’re glad you turned on notifications now, aren’t you?!

Step 4

Take delivery of your new trainers, make your friends jealous and put aside the money you just saved!

Want some real examples? No problem!

Here’s a couple of my recent purchases and the savings I’ve made:

  • Converse All stars £28.32 – Saving £11.67
  • Nike Huaraches Run Ultra £50 – Saving £54.99, over 50%!

Brucie Bonus (RIP Bruce)

Depending on how cheap these deals are (and how badly you want the trainers!) you can even look to flip them on Ebay, Facebook or Gumtree for some hard cold cash!

(Editors note – we’re writing a separate post about making money using sales sites. It’s not ready just yet, but when it is, check how much we made and what sites we used HERE)

Just check how much they’re selling for on Ebay, and add the sale and purchase price into this ebay profit calculator.

Shipping shoes you will be looking at £3-5.

Can you make a profit?


Then what are you waiting for? Get those bad boys listed!

Can you beat Josh for his sneaker savings?

Maybe you get your kicks another way (there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere!).

Let us know your biggest savings or flip wins in the comments below…

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