How to make money selling toys

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How to make money selling toys

Mums, Dads and savvy money makers, listen up – you can make money selling toys!

Maybe you’ve got unused games sitting in the loft…they’re worth cash!

Have you got kids that want new toys? Then why not pay less for them?

To run you through the in’s and outs of this smart little side earner, here’s Andy Barden to share his experience.

Over to Andy…

Why you can buy and sell used toys for profit…

Whilst we’re out there buying our children toys in Smyths, Disney Store and The Entertainer, there’s a whole bunch of smart shoppers getting the exact same toys for a whole load less!

I’ve had 90% off retail price doing this.

The kids love the toys, we love the savings, and someone, somewhere has once again proved you can make money selling toys!

Maybe you’re already part of this steadily-growing club. If you are, feel free to add your own experiences in the comments below.

The turning point

In a past life, I was a bit more flippant about money.

It’s not like I was flush with it, but anything that meant saving or making a few quid also meant extra time that I simply couldn’t allocate.

I was a reactive shopper – buying the first thing I saw on a whim, without doing any comparison or research.

Then I met my wife…

Unlike me, she was a very careful shopper. Diligently researching her purchases prior to even thinking about parting with the cash.

And this approach didn’t make sense to me.

Where I’d make quick decisions on everything, she would take forever just to buy a kettle. (I mean seriously…if it’s the right colour and it boils, why are you wasting valuable minutes of your life?!)

This mindset drove me crazy until we had our first child and I saw the price of toys…

Even Woody was surprised you could make money selling toys!

Safe to say, I began taking a little more notice when I saw a flimsy baby walker was going to sting me for £100 plus.

Having spent hundreds in the early years on things my son played with for 5 seconds and then broke, something had to change!

How we would make money selling toys

As you read this post, are you already thinking about all the toys and games collecting dust in the playroom that used to be your lounge?

The play space was quickly filling up with toys. I paid good money to convert that room from a garage!

But my son wasn’t using them! He either watched TV or begged me to go on my phone. Sound familiar?

Following a major clear out, my wife and I were left with boxes of unused toys.

Surely they had to be worth something to someone?

“Used toys and games can be turned into cash”

I suddenly got how I could make money selling toys

“It’s a side hustle we use to make money selling toys.” This revelation came to us from a friend.

Yes, it took some time to photograph and upload, but we put over 30 items on various mummy selling sites and Facebook groups.

It was addictive!

Once I got into it, visions of a clean and clutter-free playroom were giving me all the motivation I needed to keep going.

And quite literally within minutes of the first ad going live, offers were coming in.

It was like a boot sale, but at our convenience, without all the setup and haggling for the sake of a few pennies!

We were sold!

By the end of that afternoon, we could see what our friend meant. We’d sold 4 items for £40 total, with enquiries on 3 more toys.

Nowadays £40 doesn’t even fill my car with fuel, but my wife and I were buzzing.

By the end of day 3, 10 items had sold.

And my son? He didn’t even know they were gone. What a surprise!

The old fliparoo…

Not only does this work for selling your old toys, you can do it to get newer toys for less too!

In the last 3 years, my wife has not only made a point to make money selling toys, she’s also saved a fortune as a buyer.

Just last week, she paid £10 for 5 huge marvel characters. They’re for my youngest son who loves Iron Man.

These are the 12 inch versions with moving limbs and were in perfect order.

That’s £2.50 for a toy that costs over £20 in Smyths. A whopping 90% reduction!

Tips to get the most for your old toys

  • Establish what they are worth

It’s easy to think you won’t make money selling toys, and in some cases, you’d by right.

It’s important to do a quick check on how accessible these toys are in the marketplace.

If you are sitting on something that’s no longer available in the shops, demand increases and prices rise.

Similarly, if you have a product that’s still very new to market, store prices are very high. You’ll be surprised how close you can get to that ‘brand new’ price point before people look away.

  • Make sure they’re complete

No one wants to give a child a birthday present that’s incomplete.

We found if it’s missing parts, we’d struggle to even give it away.

Just note – there are some markets for incomplete toys and games. Do your research, take a quick look on ebay and find out the going rate before you waste your time.

  • Give them a good clean

We’re in an age where we’re spoilt for choice. With so many options available to us, a toy needs to stand out to get noticed.

Here’s where a quick clean can add a few quid to your sale price.

As a seller, your job is to make this product look like new for its pictures. All that Nutella and dry juice needs to go, leaving you with a showroom shine that buyers can’t ignore!

  • Take good, clear photos

Fuzzy, out of focus images will cost you money.

Your toys might not be selling for big money here but seriously, get the pic central at least!

If you want to attract the buyer amongst a sea of other sellers, you have to make the effort to stand out.

Uncluttered images, different angles, close ups, and a bit of lighting are all things to consider when posting the right pics.

  • Consider making a quick video

Most kids toys have moving parts, and video is fast becoming the most consumed form of digital media on the web.

People love to see how things work, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, get a quick 30 second video done of the toy in action.

Where to sell your old toys

Facebook Marketplace

It’s an Aladdin’s cave of things for sale on Facebook.

Easily split into categories, and searchable by cost and location, you can sell (and buy) almost anything here, with no listing fees!

From cars to clothes, TV’s to Transformers – this is a great place to get your old toys seen and sold in no time!


Again based on Facebook, it’s a localised, convenient way for buyers and sellers to connect in the same area.

Just click that Facebay link, and it’ll take you to a list of your local Facebay listings.


A free bootsale app that we’ve used for all sorts.

Uploading items and descriptions is quick and easy PLUS buyers normally collect from your doorstep. It’s a great help for selling bulky items.

And as well as selling toys, we’ve bought furniture on here for huge savings.

I’m most proud of the £1150 M&S leather wingback chair that we picked up for just £60!

In near-perfect condition, it’s a bargain!


With the biggest audience, eBay can help you sell almost anything.

Just remember that their big audience and seller protection, comes at a price – high seller fees.

You’ll also need to factor in postage and packing costs, as well as a trip to the post office to send your stuff off.

So there you have it!

Who would’ve thought you could get such a buzz from selling a few old bits of plastic?

The next time you walk past a toy that hasn’t been played with in a while, don’t just ignore it! Get it sold and make yourself a few quid!

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