Paid surveys – how you can earn money for your opinions

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Paid Online Surveys. These 8 survey panels can earn you up to £300 each month...

Paid surveys – they are what first got me started making money online, and I’ve taken a lot of them, with a lot of different companies over the years.

Adding an extra £50 to £100 to your income each month can be a real help. Surveys let you do just that, with more dedicated survey takers earning in excess of £300 each month.

Paid surveys work because companies of all sizes want to understand what customers think about their products and services.

To do this, they recruit survey companies like the ones below, who ask people like me and you, for opinions via online questionnaires.

And to thank you for your time, these survey companies reward you with all sorts – cash, gift vouchers, free products and prize draw entries.

Are paid surveys legit?

There’s a mixed bag out there. Some quite literally pay pittance and others can waste your time by screening you out of surveys part way through – which means you won’t get paid for that survey.

But it’s not all bad news, after a lot of trial and error and a lot of wasted hours, I’ve found there are some survey sites that do offer good payouts.

How do I get started?

A lot of people worry about their writing skills and lack of previous experience, but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from taking part straight away.

_record scratch_ wiggity wiggity whaaat? YES. IT IS POSSIBLE.

You don’t need any previous experience, or special tools or skills to begin answering paid surveys.

In fact, most surveys don’t require much typing either. Quite often you can answer questions on scales of 1-5, select an image or provide short answers to polls.

Despite Batman’s advice, sometimes you don’t even have to grammar at all…

batman and robin grammar gif

You just need a device to access the internet – laptop, tablet or phone – and some time to share your opinions.

And if you’re going to test out the water with paid online surveys, I’d suggest you start with the 8 below. They’re the ones that I find myself coming back to time and time again.

There’s a mixture of big names and lesser known panels in here – ones I’ve found to offer a good variety of topics and reliable payouts:

  • Saros

Use these guys for the long game. Participation is occasional only, but they pay really well for it. Typically £30-£100 for 1-2 hours work.

They run a mixture of online research, user testing of products and focus groups (both online and in-person).

As the invites aren’t very regular, I’d suggest you join their panel and keep an eye out for their email updates.

Just don’t forget to answer a few profile questions when you first join. It helps them find surveys best suited to you, so you never miss a paid opportunity.

Register for free with Saros here

  • Respondi Mingle

Don’t judge this panel by the look of their website!

Granted it doesn’t look too fancy, but get past the dated design and you’ll find they specialise in consumer surveys and product testing – where you get to test and keep brand new products.

They’ve got an active Facebook page with some 91,000 followers, which is one check I use to reassure me about panels I’ve not heard of before.

This may explain why they’re so popular with students looking to earn a bit extra in their spare time. Their minimum age is 16, which is lower than most.

Their surveys are normally 5 – 20 minutes, with longer surveys typically paying more.

You get rewarded with points for completed surveys (even if you’re screened out of a survey) to exchange for vouchers from Amazon, M&S, Debenhams and more.

Great for little treats, or even to use as presents for friends and family!

Join Respondi Mingle with a cheeky click here 

  • Mobrog

Answer varied questions about a ton of topics – your preferred method of travel, opinions on products or different types of advertising.

Their surveys pay between 50p to £3 each…and they don’t take eternity to complete either!

Mobrog tell you know how long each survey takes, up front, so you can decide if it’s worth your time – I like that transparency, as do 1000’s of others…

Their honesty and simplicity has earnt them a 5 star rating on Trustpilot, with plenty of examples of people that have been paid out to Paypal.

Yes, you will find that some of their surveys are niche. It means you’ll get screened out, but they do this early on, so minimal time is wasted.

Just be patient and you are rewarded!

Personally I kinda like that they’re run by a company called Splendid Reseach – it just sounds all rather well to do – what what?!

Do some splendidly paid research with Mobrog here

  • Power of Opinions

Firstly, life rarely deals these little pleasures, so let’s enjoy some toilet humour – Power Of Opinions. Their marketing team must have been so pleased to get that approved!

But contrary to their unfortunate initials, I found them far from POO!

You get a lot of short surveys. Quick 2-3 minute polls plop into my email most days, meaning you’re never cut short on the chance to earn more rewards.

Just like Mobrog, each survey tells you how much you’ll earn and completion time in advance.

So why not take a few minutes to enjoy a good POO every now and again!

Shit yeah – I’d like to POO

  • Pollpass

If you fancy something different to the normal survey invite process, try Pollpass.

You’re never screened out of a survey, and instead of the standard survey format, they ask questions in more of a facebook chatbot style.

It means you can still dip in and out when you fancy, and when you boil it down, it means you’re actually earning cash, just for chatting!

The cool thing about this style is you don’t get caught in time-critical surveys. The ones that can lock you out if you if leave part way through to answer a call/finish dinner.

Every answer to the chat earns you points, that can be cashed out as rewards.

It takes me about an hour of on and off chatting to get a £7 Amazon voucher. You can also cash out straight to your Paypal account too.

Start chatting and earning with Pollpass here

  • Valued Opinions

These guys are one of the biggest survey panels out there, paying up to £5 per survey.

I’ve found they normally kick around the £1-£2 mark though, with the odd higher paying one now and again.

Rewards come in the form of gift vouchers. You can choose from loads of online and highstreet names – Amazon, Saino’s, Tesco, Costa and more.

I use Valued Opinions surveys to stock up on gift vouchers for presents. Or I just sell them on Zeek if I need some quick cash.

Get up to £5 per survey with Valued Opinions here

  • Swagbucks

I first read about them on Buzzfeed – who knew you can actually earn money for things like watching videos, searching the web and shopping online?

And that’s what makes Swagbucks so popular! As well as offering you plenty of paid surveys, you can also complete online tasks for points – Swag Bucks. Cash them out for Paypal or gift cards – normally Amazon.

To boost your balance even quicker, there’s a Swagbucks search engine you can use (powered by Yahoo), and a SwagButton extension that you can install to your toolbar (a bit like the Pinterest button).

It’s easier to join Swagbucks and test them out, to see what I mean. If you don’t get on with them, simply remove them and life goes on as normal!

Sign up for a free Swagbucks account and start earning here

  • 20 Cogs

It’s kind of similar to Swagbucks – another site that’s free to join, and pays out an average of £200 to users that complete 20 tasks – a mixture of Competitions, Offers, Games and Surveys.

I’m currently writing a blog post of my own experience, my payout and tips you can use take to maximise the payment you get from them. When it’s published (it’s pretty in-depth!) you’ll be able to find it HERE.

Earn money for completing tasks with 20 Cogs here

My survey advice blue box thing:

Over the years, I’ve found that some survey panels can stop accepting new members when they have enough new users each month.

I often get around this is by trying to join again at the start of the next month. Their quotas are often renewed and applications open again.

If you hit this problem with any of the above survey companies, drop back here on the 1st of next month and try again.

If you’re in a hurry to join a bunch of survey panels right now, consider joining Paid Surveys. This site asks your age and gender, then finds which survey panels are currently recruiting people like you.

It means you can sign up a load of surveys at once, to save you searching around the web.

If you opt in to the Paid Surveys newsletter, they’ll also let you know when new survey companies start looking for people that fit your profile.  It’s quick, free and easy to use, and actually how I found PollPass.

Join a bunch of survey companies here on Paid Surveys

What survey panels do you use that you’d recommend we add to the regulars? Why not check out the top 10 with FreeClub

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll give them a try!

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