Get 02 priority freebies, offers and prize draws even if you’re not on O2

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Get 02 priority freebies, offers and prize draws even if you’re not on O2

The 02 Priority app. You gotta love it!

Despite coming out waaaaay back in 2011, it still offers a boat load of great freebies, discounts, prize draws and even priority tickets to O2 events & concerts. It works in a similar way to the Wuntu app from 3, which you can get for free, on any network here.

To be honest, I’ve lost track of how much it’s saved me over the years, but it’s a fortune in free coffee and discounted meals out for sure.

Just some of my regular favourites are:

  • Free weekly coffee at Cafe Nero,
  • £5 meal from Pizza Express
  • A week’s free gym membership for 2 (to burn off all that pizza!)
  • And especially useful at Christmas – 11 bottles of decent wine (including prosecco) from Virgin Wines.  All for less than £50!

“But I thought 02 Priority was only for O2 customers?”

Exactly right….

So if you can become an O2 customer for free, with no contract, BUT continue with your current mobile provider and tariff – then you’d be free to use their app and get all the goodies that go with it – right?

All legit, all free, and no contract to worry about – Happy days!

Here’s how:

If you’re not already with O2, you’ll need to order a free Classic Pay As You Go SIM over on the O2 website.

Fortunately for you, this link lets you do just that:

>> Get your free O2 Classic Pay As You Go SIM here <<

You’ll see a little note that the minimum top up to activate your SIM will be £10, but you can ignore that – we won’t be paying a penny 😉

Enter your address details, and hey presto – in 2-3 days, your shiny new SIM will drop through your letterbox.

Put it in your unlocked phone, connect to wifi and download the 02 Priority app.

Open it up and you’ll be sent a confirmation text. NOTE – YOU DON’T NEED TO TOP UP THE SIM TO DO THIS!

Activate the app with your code, then simply switch your old SIM back into your phone.

You’ll find that the 02 priority app will carry on working, you’ll have access to all the goodies normally reserved for O2 customers…AND your phone will still be on your normal network.

Saving money really can be that easy!

Go ahead – have yourself a little victory dance…

Jimmy Fallon dancing with Elmo gif

So what can you get on the 02 Priority app?

Some deals are one offs, others like the free coffee – are regulars that you can use over and over again.

Then you’ll find nationwide deals, with others limited to your current location.

Add the mix of offline and online deals and you’ll quickly realise there’s a real choice on there.

To make the most of the app, I make a habit of quickly checking it when I’m out and about – you never know what might crop up and make your day!

Current deals include:

  • Discounts on meals out at places like Zizzi, Pizza Express & ASK  – 50% off, free prosecco and olives, £10 off a £30 spend etc…
  • Completely free drinks from Cafe Nero
  • Discounts on tech (like saving £20 on a set of Apple AirPods)
  • 02 Priority tickets to gigs and concerts using their Priority Pass (you can buy tickets 48 hours before they go on general release – perfect for big, sellout gigs like Ed Sheeran, U2 and Iron Maiden)
  • Cash in an extra 10% for your old phone with O2
  • And 2 for 1 on beers and ciders if you find yourself at the O2 arena

And the list goes on!

Let us know how you use the 02 Priority app in the comments below. Have you got any favourites that we didn’t mention?

Already an O2 customer?

You can quickly get the 02 Priority app for free for the place you normally get apps.

To stop you tiring out those precious pinkies of yours, I’ve added the links for both the Apple and Google stores for you below. You. Are. Welcome…

>> Download the app on iPhone <<

>> Download the app on Android <<



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