How to get Wuntu app (and free pizza!) on any network

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How to get the Wuntu app free on any network

The Wuntu app. It’s the reward app from 3 mobile.

I’ve managed to get free Domino’s pizza, Costa coffees, main meals at Cafe Rouge for just a fiver, BOGOFs on breakfasts out…loads and loads of discounts in the few short months I’ve been using it, and there’s no reason you can’t too!

Not on 3 mobile? No problem!

The Wuntu app is supposed to be exclusive to 3 mobile customers, but in the same way as I showed you how to get the 02 Priority app on any network, you can follow this quick, easy and free way to get Wuntu on your device AND stay on your normal network…

The Wuntu app. It's a Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Here’s how to get the Wuntu App, no matter what network you’re on:

First, if you’re already on 3, just download it from your app store using one of the links below:

>> Get Wuntu for iPhone <<

>> Get Wuntu for Android <<

If you aren’t on 3 mobile, it’s all good – you need yourself a free PAYG SIM from 3.


By jingo, it’s as easy as clicking on this link and filling in 3’s short order form (it’s all free, baby!)

>> Get my free PAYG SIM from 3 here <<

Once ordered, you’ll get a confirmation page that tells you about boring stuff like tariff costs (useful if you did want to use the SIM for anything other than the Wuntu app).

Wuntu app order confirmation screenshot

You’ll need to keep yourself busy for the 3-5 days it takes for the SIM to arrive…which should be more than enough time to take a look at a few other ways you can make and save money on!

When the faithful day finally arrives and your SIM drops through your letterbox, try to contain your excitement – you’re just moments away from your first Wuntu freebie!

My 3 SIM arrived and I'm ready to download the Wuntu app

For once it wasn’t a bill…

  • Pop your 3 SIM in your phone and connect to WiFi
  • Download Wuntu from the place you get apps (either of the above links will work)
  • Open it up to check it installed OK
  • Put your old SIM back in your phone…and the Wuntu app still works!
  • Find yourself a freebie or discount, and go celebrate!

Quick tip – keep hold of your 3 SIM, as you may be sent a re-validation text if Wuntu ever updates.

How can I get the most from the Wuntu app?

New freebies, competitions and deals are updated every Wednesday, so check in to see what’s new, and which freebies you can scoop up whilst going about your normal day.

Like how each time the free Costa coffee comes round, I just happen to change my route to work, to make sure I’m heading past one!

And whenever free Domino’s pops up, I can be sure that’s going to be my dinner!

In my opinion, their money off deals really have been worth while too.

I used the £5 main course deal at Cafe Rouge for a nice change to lunch with my girlfriend. (You can use the same code for up to 4 people!)

Using the Wuntu app, for 2 poulet burgers with salad or chips, we only paid £10 instead of the normal £25.50. A £15.50 saving on a really nice (and filling) lunch was an awesome treat!

I also make a habit of entering every competition each week. Normally 4 or 5, there’s no form filling, just a quick click and you’re done. Things like free holidays, or signed merch would make a great treat or present if I didn’t keep it myself!

The Wuntu app has also promised to learn your habits…which isn’t as scary as it sounds!

It just means that if you keep using their food and drink offers, they’re more likely to send you more of them, instead of offers you don’t take. And what’s not to love about that?!

Lastly, the app gives you exclusive deals with 3 mobile – new phones, plans, accessories (speakers, headphones, battery packs etc.) And these deals really do look like they’re exclusive.

One recent Wuntu offer was an iPad Pro for £41/month with no upfront fee, and a generous 20GB of data each month.

Trying to get the same plan directly on the 3 website came back at £53/month with a £49 upfront fee. A hefty £337 saving over 24 months!

Well worth checking if you’re changing your phone or tariff any time soon!

Update: 28/06…

Today was a great day for freebies from the Wuntu app!

A 4 pack of beer and and bunch of sweets were mine for freesies, with no effort required!

The sweets came in the post, and I had to drop in a local shop on my way home to pick up the beers.

And as we all know, anything tastes better when it’s free – especially a cold beer in the sunny garden!

Just 2 more reasons that the Wuntu app from 3 is well worth adding to your phone, whatever your network!

My free beer from the Wuntu app

My free sweets from Wuntu


So there you have it – another handy app to save you money and brighten up your day with freebies!

We’d love to hear what you’ve done with Wuntu and any others you use to save or make money. Just let us know in the comments below!



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